Bernhard ten Brinke husband, father, entrepreneur and driver


Bernhard ten Brinke was born on September 6th 1977 in Zeddam and raised in an entrepreneurial family. Together with his wife Chantal and his children Max, Thomas and Charlotte they live in the surroundings of the Montferlandse bossen (Montferland forests).


Bernhard is a real businessman as an owner of Wiggers, BTB Cars, BTB Real estate, BTB Investments and BTB Racing. The last company has everything to do with his passion for rally sport, the sport that has developed a passion in his early ages. With years of experience, he became quite a familiar face in the rally and Dakar world. 


Racing expecience


In 2004 Bernhard has driven his first Renault Clio Sport Cup as non-junior driver. From 2006 Bernhard drives several races in Europe.In 2006, 2007 and 2008 his main focus laid on the Megane Trophy. These competitions are held, inter alia, in Belgium, Istanbul, Italy and at the Le Mans circuit. In 2006, he usually ended between the tenth and twentieth place In 2007 and 2008 The Megan Trophy results were better than ever: in these years Bernhard managed to finish most rally’s between the third and tenth place.


In addition to competitions in Europe and even in Dubai, Bernhard is driving successful races in the Netherlands since 2008. He has driven the Hellendoorn Rally 2009 to a fourth place and was able to win the title in 2010. The winner from 2010 had a difficult start in the Hellendoorn Rally in 2011 but in the end he managed to finish second in the most important rally in the Netherlands.


In 2012 Bernhard made his debut in the Dakar Rally. As a rookie, he surprised everyone with a strong eighth place. The best result of a Dutch rally driver for many years in the world's toughest rally. Frenchman Matthieu Baumel navigated them to a fourth and fifth place at the daily classifications.


In 2014 Bernhard joins Overdrive Racing and Hall Speed. Along with his new navigator Tom Colsoul they prepare for Dakar 2015 and join a comprehensive test and race program, which include the Baja Poland, Hellendoorn Rally and Oilibya Rallye du Maroc. All in order to get to know each other and the Toyota Hilux.


Besides the various rehearsal bajas and rallies, in 2014 Bernhard also attended the RTL GP Dakar Pre-prologue at the Euro Circuit in Valkenswaard. Together with his team and his Overdrive Toyota Hilux he won 1st place in the car rally.


In the Dakar 2015 edition, Bernhard surpasses his eighth place from 2012 and ends with a seventh place overall. With a third place twice in a day stage, 8 top six results and a seventh place overall, Bernhard together with Tom Colsoul has shown that the Netherlands can join the world leaders in the car rally.


In 2018 Bernhard ten Brinke made history by winning a stage in the Dakar as first Dutch cardriver ever. Winning of the Dakar is the ultimate dream and Bernhard will do everything to accomplish that.


You can read the full racing and rally history of Bernhard Ten Brinke.


Driver Biography


Portret Bernhard ten Brinke
Name: Bernhard ten Brinke
Date of Birth: 06-09-1977
Location: Zeddam, the Netherlands
Marital status: Married - Chantal
Children: Max, Thomas en Charlotte
Function: Owner of Wiggers, BTB Cars, BTB Real estate, BTB Investments and BTB Racing. Former owner of Bribus Keukens.

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