Breaking News: Bernhard ten Brinke to Dakar 2022!


Posted on: 28 Dec 2021


Just before the Dakar of 2022, Erik van Loon received a positive COVID result. Due to this result, a seat became available at Overdrive Racing which could be filled in by Bernhard at the very last minute.


At the moment, Bernhard will fly directly to Jeddah to arrive on time at the start. He will drive this Dakar with Van Loon's navigator, Sebastien Delaunay. In the well-known Toyota Hilux from Overdrive racing. Bernhard: "It is very unfortunate for Erik, but it can happen to anyone at the moment. I hope that despite the minimal preparation we can still make a beautiful Dakar".


The Dakar Rally 2022 will be held from January 1 to 13 in Saudi Arabia. In total, 12 stages are on the program in Saudi Arabia, covering a total of more than 8000 kilometers. During this tough Dakar, Bernhard is again sponsored by one of his loyal sponsors Eurol.


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