Independent producer


Eurol is the only Dutch independent producer of lubricants. As a complete supplier Eurol has a full-service approach with an extremely comprehensive range of products. In addition to lubricants such as oils and greases their assortment also features care products such as sprays, water fluids, coolants, brake fluids, metalworking fluids and undercoatings.


As a global player Eurol is active in over 65 countries outside of the Netherlands, their home base. Eurol focuses on the bicycle and motorcycle industries, the automotive industry, industry, agriculture and earthworks as well as watersports. Thanks to their own development lab Eurol is able to rapidly respond to new developments. The collaboration with professionals on the market forms an important foundation for Eurol to develop a well performing product for every application.



In one of the most modern factories in Europe (Nijverdal, NL) Eurol efficiently composes and packages their quality oils. The high-tech blending process ensures a highly accurate dosing of raw materials and components, which greatly improves the consistency and quality of the oils. Only the highest grade of base oils and ‘leading edge’ additive technologies are used in the oil formulas. The result are lubricants of the absolute highest quality for sustainable and reliable performance.


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